Welcome to the Greater Rockford Music Teachers Association

The Greater Rockford Music Teachers Association (GRMTA), founded in 1970 in Rockford, Illinois, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to elevating the standards of music teaching and to encouraging and promoting good music.  It is a local affiliate of both the Music Teachers National Association and the Illinois State Music Teachers Association.

Membership consists of independent music studio teachers, music school teachers, college music faculty, church musicians and other music teachers.  Since 1970, GRMTA members have dedicated their time and talents to furthering excellence in music education in the Rockford area and throughout Northwest Illinois.

Members meet monthly from September through May.  Meetings usually focus on a specific topic of music pedagogy or music business.  In addition, GRMTA offers the following:

  • Networking
  • Continuing Education opportunities
  • State and National conferences
  • Performance opportunities for members and students
  • Illinois State Achievement in Music examinations for members’ students
  • Scholarships for students of GRMTA members
  • Special workshops for teachers and students.

To join or for more information about GRMTA, please contact us at grmta1970@gmail.com  or contact GRMTA’s President.  (See Officers and Committees page.)

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