Membership Directory

GRMTA Membership Directory Explanations:

The asterisk * indicates that the teacher currently accepts new students.

NCTM designates a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music through the Music Teachers National Association

SCTM designates a State Certified Teacher of Music through the Illinois State Music Teachers Association. (State Certification was available when the National Certification program did not exist.  Click on the National Certification link, above, for more details.)

Due to spam concerns, email addresses have not been linked.  To contact a teacher by email, please copy and paste the email address of that teacher into the appropriate box of your composed email.

*Cade, Marilyn
Rockford, IL

Caswell, Ella
Stockton, IL

DeLay, Jeff
Freeport, IL

Englert, Shannon
Leaf River, IL
(Piano, Violin)

*Jeske, Patricia
Rockford, IL
(Piano; Accompanist)

Lee, Kaju (NCTM)
Platteville, WI
(Piano – online)

*Lipnick, Susan (NCTM)
Galena, IL
(Piano – in person or online; Accompanist)

* Litterst, Judy
Rockford, IL
(Violin; Beginner Piano)

Lovan, Candy
Belvidere, IL

Mazurek, Sharon
Loves Park, IL

*Olson, Anne Marie
Rockford, IL
(Piano: Suzuki and Traditional)

*Ostrom, Carol (SCTM)
Rockford, IL
(Piano, Organ, Accompanist)

*Viel, Lauren Canitia
Rockford, IL
(Viola; Violin)

Yi, Jea
Belvidere, IL

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