Officers and Committees

GRMTA Officers  2018-2019

President:  Patricia Jeske
Vice President:  Marilyn Cade
Treasurer:  Jea Yi
Secretary:   Darlene Karvelius

Standing Committees & Chairpersons 2018-2019

Achievement in Music:   Patricia Jeske & Jea Yi
Certification:                    Susan Lipnick, NCTM
Scholarship:                     Marilyn Cade & Anne Marie Olson
Librarian:                          Darlene Karvelius
Recitals:                             Darlene Karvelius
Website:                            Susan Lipnick, NCTM
Yearbook:                         Jea Yi

Contact Us

To join GRMTA or for other inquiries, please email us at  You may also contact GRMTA’s President, Tricia Jeske at 815-519-5465.


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